is a mobile application that simulates the plenary of the Assembly of the Republic, allowing you to know and vote on the proposals presented in Parliament, knowing which parties share your opinion.

  • Vote

    Speak your mind on legislative proposals: for, against or abstain.

  • Read full proposals

    Access the proposal document and the biography of its authors.

  • Share

    Find out which parties agree with you and share with friends.

How it Works

With only three gestures, users are invited to vote on 10 legislative proposals that in the past were under parliamentary consideration. With a slide to the right, they can vote in favor; to the left, against; and with a slide up or down, they can abstain.

The text of the proposals, information about their authors, how the parties voted, and even the news produced when the proposals were on the table of parliamentarians, are some of the resources that can be exploited.

  • 8 Parties
  • +450 Members of Parliament
  • +3000 Proposals
  • +5000 Users on iOS and Android

Available for Android and iOS

Download the app to your smartphone