is a mobile application available for Android and iOS that simulates the plenary of the Assembly of the Republic and allows citizens to know and vote on the legislative proposals presented in the Portuguese Parliament, getting to know which parties have a closer opinion to yours.

With only three gestures, users are invited to vote 10 legislative proposals that in the past were under parliamentary consideration. With a slide to the right, they can vote in favor; to the left, against; and with a slide up or down, they can abstain.


The main motivation of this work is the realization of an increasing gap between politics and citizens, often amplified by a media-age dealing with fake news and parallel truths. In this sense, we developed this idea with the aim of bringing citizens closer to the decisions taken in our Parliament, and making all the necessary information to contextualize these data available. This initiative is also a contribution to demonstrate the enormous value of, which is the source of all the data used in the application, illustrating its important function as a repository of our collective memory. More details here.