Privacy has been a constant concern since the beginning of the project. With the main motivation being the existence of an increasing gap between politics and people, we developed this idea with the aim of bringing citizens closer to the decisions taken in our Parliament.

Made from citizen to citizen, will always cherish the right to vote and anonymity. Specifically, we want to ensure that people can use the application without anyone - including us - being able to know how the proposals were voted by the user.

The solution that we found, and that we believe better fulfilling this objective, is simply to not keep any data related to your votes. We also do not ask for any subscription or login in order to use the application.

We would like to highlight four fundamental points that guide our work:

  1. This is a non-profit project. The project is an exercise in citizenship with the aim of bringing citizens closer to Parliament's decisions.
  2. This is a project that wants to guarantee the privacy of the user's vote. We do not know, and we will never know, how users vote on proposals.
  3. This is an open source and data project. We want to allow users to see how the application works. is an open-source project and awaits your collaboration at
  4. This is a project in constant evolution. We will always be open to contributions from the community. If you want to contribute, feel free to contact us through our email is a voluntary project, developed by researchers with the objective of providing a contribution science and citizenship. The application is not for profit, either in terms of advertising or in terms of the sale of voting data, which, as explained, we do not even have access to. The decision to not keep any information about the votes was, in our opinion, the only safe option that to guarantee maximum confidence and anonymity for users.